Wednesday, November 12, 2008 @ 12:51 AM  0 stares
huu here's a question :

am i really bored or is there something missing in my life??

the answer to that is.. i have no idea..

hey! let me introduce you to hashimoto ryosuke kun!

he's hot ne~

why did i ask that first question?
well simple explanation.. i was watching hashimoto ryosuke
yet i didn't get excited like i used to...he was as hot as always yet i didnt go "kyaa"
so there must be something wrong ..

oh well.. that concludes my post for today

wahh i cant help my self ..just one video pleasee~?...
wait a minute..its my blog! its up to me! hahaha XD

*checks in youtube*

they removed my favourite video from youtube!!..
i'm upset now!...
hummpphh! i'm going to bed!

also i'm going to school tomorrow..
i have to return my monitor's manga..
which is not with me and i havent read it yet

and even though my favourite video got deleted,
i'll post another one .. which have the guys i love the most

yabu, arioka, inoo, takaki(sometimes), shintaro, hashi, and kis my ft2, and sanada, and nozawa,and.....

haha the important thing is i love inoo,yabu and arioka more than hashi in video!

okay i'm going to watch tv until i fall asleep..
also i'm going to keep the pc on .. i'm downloading a buono pv!

maybe i'll hunt for my favourite video that i was talking about and upload them here!..
if i feel like it that is..

thats it for today.. i'm too tired to mumble about my unfortunate day today!

today's bored saying is :
i am soo bored that i'm now watching an anime!
which reminds me.. i forgot to watch how to produce a prince today

huhu too tired & bored to continue!
~bye bye~

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