Wednesday, November 19, 2008 @ 1:10 AM  1 stares
okay.. just now i was going to write about some sad story that no body would even care!

but now that i think of it.. its better to let the sad stuff out!...

let me introduce you to korean boybands for today instead of one of my "japanese boys fangirl moment!".. today its

Nina's korean boybands fangirl moment!

you're probably guessing DBSK or Super Junior or 2pm or 2 am or Shinee

the answer to all of that guesses is.. NO!

its.. U-Kiss yo

u-kiss - not young

okay a brief introduction

the guy in green shirt with sweetvoice (and wearing a ribbon)

that guy with redish orange-ish hair (that keep making peace sign)

others i dont care la!

if you're korean.. name your son kibum..
so far ppl with that name is all very handsome!
first its kibum from super junior
second its kibum an actor
3rd is kibum from u-kiss

arent they cute...??
i love this song more than zettai girls song over the future song
if you have been talking to me (and paid attention) you would know that song
huhu but i'm sure no one remembers :( huhu
but i dont expect any one to pay attention to what i say..
i usually only say boring stuff..

okay.. i'm going to watch suite life of zack and cody now..
and maybe fall asleep.. cause my head doesnt feel like it usually does.


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