Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 11:12 PM  2 stares
Dont worry.. i still have all my things..
i'm talking about something missing with me..
everyone on earth is crazy about dbsk - mirotic.. i'm not.. the only thing i like about that video is changmin/max and his voice!..
everybody else in that vid.. uwwekk~(even you jaejong/hero!)
even if they show their abs.. or not wearing a shirt at all i still wouldnt think that video is hot!
huhu.. maybe i'm just not in the "fangirl" phase anymore..
but the problem is..i WANT to!!
oh yeah.. i am in the fangirl phase.. just abit
i was watching liar game..
matsuda shouta is really really cool!
and i actually like the main girl - toda erika
unlike someother dramas.. i hate the main girl
that drama's problem is the story is too perdictable..
i can tell everything through ep 1 - 3..
nothing suprised me yet..
huhu..can someone help me?..
oh almost forgot ..
i only have half an hour to stay online
tomorrow i have to go and buy supplies..
very very very early in the morning
so i have to sleep very very early tonight..
(midnight is still too early for me X_X)
other than that..
my mom is asking me to do alot of work just because she's currently having the cleaning bug...and i'm uncomfortable
and i end up doing most of the work while my sis is sick and my lil sis play audition..
furthermore.. i'm getting sick as well but i think its better if i keep it to parents would think i'm just crying out for attention
this is not how i want to spend my holiday!
when school re-opens, i'm going to have another (2) worst year of my life there if i stay at that school...
wouldn't it be great if everthing goes the way we want?
but unfortunately it doesnt
i'll end my post here.. its almost midnight