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okay i dont speak spanish but i happen to know what i wrote..

i wrote : 2 stars friend?.. haha that didnt make any sense huh ?

well some people reading this blog already know how much i hate camp rock!

but then, i dont think theres even one person out there reading this..

ahh who cares~! i dont!... maybe just a little

uh... what was i going to say about camp rock again??

oohh!! now i remember...

okay now the only (few) thing i hate more than camp rock is high shcool musical,miley cyrus, malay songs, and joe jonas..

but camp rock in spanish.. well i hate spanish soap operas! they can show that on tv but they cant show japanese dramas?...huh arienai shi~

ok back to the main topic.. camp rock song in spanish actually sounds great!

this is 2 stars by "tess tyler".. spanish ver. by carla medina..

que se necesita para hacerte ver
lo que puede ser
me enferma
el fingir que todo ya quedo atras,
que no importa más
veamos esto
por un instante
coro: mirate
ya nunca somos dos
¿que no ves?
es perfecto el plan
es brillar
como el sol
pues dos estrellas juntas mas brillo tendrán
lo harás, lo harás, lo harás, mirate
lo harás, lo harás, lo harás, mirame
lo que sentimos nunca nadie dividio
somos tu y yo
que brillando juntos
somos algo especial
y es genial
iluminemos el cielo tu y yo
lo harás, lo harás, lo harás, mirate
lo harás,lo harás, lo harás
no es mucho que pedir darnos un lugar
siento que mas bajo no puede estar
y no es lo que puede ser
(coro x 2)
lo harás, lo harás, lo harás,mirate
lo harás lo harás, lo harás, mirame (x2)

okay you have to admit thats the best song in camp rock.. and it sounds even better in spanish!

i'm forgetting something.. but what??
oh yeah

My Adventure - 14/11/2008!

wake up at... earlier than yesterday..
i'll write in point form.. too tired to write all ... and spelling doesnt matter anymore..
  1. took a shower - eat - read comic - talk with my sister..
  2. disturb her playing a game - she's bad at it as much as i am
  3. try using my dad's laptop - headache- too small
  4. fried burger for dinner - fries too - clean house afterwards!
  5. another attempt - laptop - again headache - stay online for 1 1/2 hours - got tired
  6. while sister use my pc - download 1 ep of seigi no mikata + half ep of hana kimi
  7. downloas songs - dous estrellas - my lil sis love it too!
  8. sings demi lovato song - this is me! - stomach ache version
  9. lil sis play game - bump into one of my friend - accidentally- she didnt say anything tho
  10. my father went to dinner - brought back ommelet fried rice - feels as if its about to explode!
  11. my mothers bus ( that she's riding) broke down - might arrive late
  12. too many people knock on the door - i only get it once - other = lil sis
  13. watch a jdorama.. what was it called again?.. something2 jouken.. tackey is in it!
  14. load shugo chara ep 12 but didnt get to watch it!
  15. back to my dad's laptop..- no headache- writes blog!
and for the 1st time this week... i'm not bored anymore.. even though i didnt get to spend my time online as much as i usually does! and its 5:12 am and i didnt realise it!.. just that my head feels like a balloon losing air!...

okay i'm going to bed now.. bye bye...

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