Wednesday, November 5, 2008 @ 3:39 AM  0 stares

Hey ~! i'm nina

i obviously have no idea what to write here so i might as well start by introducing my self! ...

my name is nina... i was born on 23rd of august 1993
i'm a half leo and half virgo..
sometimes horoscope says 23rd of aug is leo and some say i'm a virgo
whichever i am.. i know i'm me and wouldnt want to be anybody else

i'm perfectly fine with my life.. i love my life the way it is..
okay maybe i want to change alot of things but not everything about it
if i were to be given a chance to get reincarnated i would definitely want to be ordinary me!

for such an ordinary girl.. i'm not that ordinary
people might see me as an angel.. and some might see me as...something else ^^

hurmm.. i really love my computer... i cant live without it.. if you ask which is more important food or computer.. i would say computer.. unless i'm really hungry at the time and the answer would be the other way around

i love japanese stuff.. japanese dramas, japanese music, japanese fashion, japanese language, japanese boys(?), japanese animes(?)....let me just simply put it that i'm a japanese crazed freak!

i also love gaphics desinging or photo editing, and making new friends (online that is ), i love to watch tv and i love to cut school! hahaha

for today lets leave it at that.. you'll know me better when i post here more often.. well i hope i do.. the real reason i'm making this blog is i dont want to mess up people's friend's page in livejournal..

before i go here is a few links that is related to me~
add me and yoroshiku ne~

my crunchyroll profile

my frindster profile

my livejournal page

my website (not updated)

my youtube page

(this post is a little self centered do you think?)