Monday, November 17, 2008 @ 3:19 AM  0 stares
someone special who could it be~?

his job's too big for you and me~

we need some help .. but never fear-o

it looks like a job for a higglytown hero

higglytown heroes is on tv so i just thought that i will be a cute blog post tittle...

dont you think so too???...i know you do... just admit it!

lets begin today's post with "what i did today" segment ..

i woke up .. eat.. make a bento.. download stuff.. half ep of anime and drama.. and watch half of a movie on tv... and help my little sister go to level 6..

and thats the end of my day ..

other than that?.. nothing special..
my little sister fell in love with one of my online friends and it seems he's inlove with her too..
well it kinda seems like it..
but maybe i'm thinking too much!
hahhaha but i love those kind of thoughts~!

moving on~moving on~moving on~moving on~moving on~moving on~
(before my friend or my lil sister kills me..)
(but i'm sure they wont read this so i'm perfectly SAVE~)

today~ let me introduce you to inoo kei
he has a little sister named inoo keiri~ he named her!
he's such a sweet brother..

without any further delay~

he's even hot in black & white

i bet he's the hottest + cutest guy you have ever seen!
i love him more than hashi in fact!

okay thats conclude my post or today...
i love guitar, violin and every other stringed instruments on earth no matter what they say...
just saying...

ok bye bye..
i think i'm going to start turning in early tomorrow..
i dont think i can pull this "owl and bat's shift" any longer..
its somehow tiring~

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