Friday, November 7, 2008 @ 1:54 AM  0 stares
its official... i'm soo bored i could jump off a building...

but jumping off mount everest (and bringing lots of stuff) is more interesting...

but but but...thats not how i want to die!... i just want to jump and stay alive

can i??


how do i post videos in this thing??

yay! i now love blogger more compared to livejournal..
it is soo much easier to post videos here!

oh right.. back to the video..
its rottara rottara by buono!
its an ending for a season of shugo chara

let me introduce you to buono!

the one in yellow
(that looks like minie mouse)
is Airi

the one in pink
(that looks like a monkey)
is Momoko

and the one in blue
(that looks like a normal girl)
is Miyabi

obviously i love airi the most! 2nd is miyabi and monkey girl is in 3rd place..
no offense to all momoko fans IF you are one!

i'm downloading rottara rottara
and theres only 4 minutes left

uh..when did my parents go to bed??
i should go to sleep too..
i maybe have to go to school tomorrow

i've been sick for 2 days..
its my longest sick duration ever
and i'm still not feeling better
plus i'm not sure whether i can cut school tomorrow
if i can .. that would be great!

i hate reading long posts
but i love writing them!!
its feels great!

again .. YAY!!
my download is done!
~rottara rottara~

i guess i should sleep now..
good night!

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