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Let me introduce you to my teddy-chicken..the round and only :
!Ruka Pyon!
ruka pyon is a present that i got for my birthday last 23rd of August.. i love him soo much that i decided to post a picture of him right here!

theres even a song for my beloved ruka pyon:

ruka pyon na ruka pyon
ruka pyon
hey pyon!
(just sing like this song)
the part where pretty zinta sing
"pia pia oh pia pia ..
pia pia oh pia"
hahah isnt it cute??

i just got back from kelantan!
you cannot i magine how happy i am

even though i didnt meet my friend i'm still happy
i get to eat real rice!... real tasty rice!
and i get to go to tesco and kbmall...
and i get to stay in my house...
even though theres no internet connetion, i'm still alive

we got there at 4:00 am..

(oh yeah i saw and elephant on the way)
we rode a taxi.. and became sardines for a few minutes
when we got home we turn on the computer and play a game

until the sun rises... and then we sleep..

at 11 o'clock woke up... and went to my grandmother's house for a "kenduri"...

i was really pretty in pink~!
(huahahahhaha.. hey its my blog.. i can write what ever i want!)

ok so the day went on and i talked with my cousin
and talk and talk and was alot of fun

and then we went home...and then watch seigi no mikata that i downloaded.. i fell asleep infront of the computer from too much fun i had..

but later my mom ask me to go and buy mcdonal's.. i was of crouse angry and tired... but i went anyway.. but then my mom came along..and my sister too.. leaving my little sister watching hana kimi alone!

we also went to the night market but it was raining.. we ended up all soaked wet.. my sister and i went to seven-eleven.. and bought food and a chinese phone magazine that we cant even understand.. we only wanted to look at phones~.. my mother and father wasnt able to say anything.. they were too "happy" to get daughters like us!
we ate ice cream (when its raining outside)

and bought food and went back home and ate and watch seigi no mikata again... and then went to sleep..

the next day..
my sister, little sister and i woke up and got ready.. and we all went to kbmall.. i got my phone wrapped.. but its not really what i wanted..
my sister's phone turned out really nice and my mom's too..
i'm happy for them but sad for my self T.T

other than that we hang out (lepak) at kbmall until its bed time for the shop keepers.. we looked around for the perfect flip phone (but didnt found one) ..i bought a japanese comic / manga called "kelayakan cinderella".. and bought 2 archie comic..i bought my earphones and my dad bought a ring.. we then again ate ice cream!

oh yeah that day i look really cute.. i was wearing pink! again!

but japanese style... all i need that day was a pair of boots~

i would have look perfect!
(like i said .. this is my blog.. i have the right to write anything i want )

the next day we went to tesco
wwe start off looking at bracelet and necklace..

after that i bought 2 mangas..i forgot what they're called

and then we ate lunch/dinner at london fish somehting
we ate something that looks exactly like what they eat in seigi no mikata.. hahahaha...every one attacked that "fish thinggy" like crazy

thats the power of japanese dramas!

after we ate fish..feed our legs to some fish!
long story.. it was ticklish!

and i made ALOT .. and i mean ALOT of noise

i think the whole tesco heard me screaming!
went home.. eat rice..tasty rice!
and then watch seigi no mikata until the last episode..
and then my sisters and i got crazy over episode 9
where nakata makiko (the sister)
was really looking forward to eat suppon (the turtle)
and then she sings
"suppon cha cha cha.. suppon cha cha cha"
but at the end of the episode..
we like the 2nd song she sings alot better
"suppon..oh yeah~
suppon.. oh yeah~"
and i made an announcement..
because we are soo exicted for tommorrow's breakfast,
(which is nasi kak wok /or kak wok's rice")
which has alot of chicken and taste really good..
we have to sing that song tomorrow when we're waiting for the rice..
"kak wok version"
kak wok.. oh yeah~!
kak wok.. oh yeah~!
it was a lot of fun!.. all we did was sleep and read manga..
theres no vacation can beat our trip back to kelantan
it was priceless!
the best part of it is :
you dont have to use any kind of credit card to do so!
maybe during "raya haji" i'll go back to kelantan again
i cant wait for it!
next time.. i'll bring ruka pyon along for sure
i didnt bring ruka pyon the last time because we were riding a bus.. and it was difficult to carry him around...
!!~~i love ruka pyon~~!!

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