Friday, November 14, 2008 @ 4:49 AM  1 stares
okay today i'm not as bored as i was a few days ago..

a few things actually happen

here it goes :

my eyes were half open and the sunlight immediately greets me.."OHAYO NINA CHAN...WAKE UP DESU~"but my curtains were say "let her sleep you overly hyper sun!"....

after that i quickly ran to the living room to check the time.. it was noon already..but still i went back to bed.. there was nothing to wake up to... i forgot that i have to accompany my dad to pick up my little sister from boarding school..

after a short while.. my phone was singing beautiful girl - girl version by jojo.. so again i ran but this time its towards my phone in the living room.. and then i saw 4 missed calls... and then without thinking i just phone back the number thinking that i was my dad who called..

tut tutt.. tut tutt... and then somebody with a chinese accent picks the phone up.. "hallo ah"... and i (who were half asleep) said "hello..papa tepon ek tadi?"...and obviously the person didnt hear clearly what i said since he then said "i'm looking for mr tan.."... and i was confused and wide awake said "HA?? MR TAN??.." and then he said.. "yah"... and then in an embarassed tone i said.. "ah sorri ah.. wrong number" .

and thats the begining of my day..which sort of start at noon..

after that.. i follow my heart and went back to bed... but then my telephone sings again.. and i was like "who is it now~?"..and then i saw the caller id.. apparently i was calling my self.. so i just click the hang up button and went to bed with the phone on my hand just incase anyone else calls.. but no one did..

when i woke up the second time i ran towards the clock in the living room was exactly 4:00 in the evening.. and i thought to myself " ah! i didnt follow papa... speaking of which, why aren't they home yet??.." so i just so straight and took a shower..

in the middle of my long shower.. my little sister knocked on the bathroom foor.. just to clarify that she's home.. and when i was done she turns on her "radio" which tells the tales of her life while she's not home.. i also cut in and tells her about ..stuff.. haha..

apparently she hurt her hand from a door.. and then her friend saw my dad and her friends think my sister is prettier than i am!.. but she shut up when she saw a game i downloaded!..

and can you believe she actually read my blog??.. i love my lilttle sister... huahah.. somehow that didnt sound right!

okay the real reason for this post is i'm waiting for hana kimi jp to finish downloading.. and it did.. so time for me to sleep.. some people in malaysia is already wide awake by now (5:21..)..but hey who cares right!

so let me just summarize all before i go to bed..

after that i eat and then i fold laundry and then play game and then i watch shugo chara and then eat again and then talk to my sister .. she asked my to download hana kimi and gokusen3 and then.. eat some more.. come to think of it i mostly eat!.. oh yeah i also copied the 1st page of the 1st chapter of next year's history text book

ok oyasumi.. typing in the dark isnt good for my eyes!.. ato ne~