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i'm not sad..well not right now at least.. so i've decided to..

make a blog post...

hurmm.. what to write..?

ah.. on sunday i will be going to sungkai perak.. and then to ayer keroh melaka
and on 18 i'm going to kl~~~!

looking forward ..
its just that when i come back
the pmr result is wayyy to near

and there will be too many event to write in this blog
so i figured .. i might as well post about my trip back to kelantan

hurmm what did i want to write again..?
on the way there i sleep all day .. because i sleep at 7 in the morning
but it was worth it..^^

when we got there..we eat and sleep
and we (my sisters and i) watch seigi no mikata
i'm telling you we couldn't get enough of it

and then we sleep... the next day i went to meet my best friend!
it was soo much fun..
i dont really remember what exactly did we talked about but it was great!
her outfit was soo cute! i want to buy one!
and then we bought keychain together.. and a necklace..
there was too many people .. we cannot complete our "mission"

after that.. my family went to kbmall.. i forgot what we did..
ahhh now i remember
my lil sis wanted to buy a cute outfit..
and then she tries it on..
and then......
something un-believe-able happened

cannot fit into it!
and then she got obsessed about going to be thin
but then she ate alot.. and i mean ALOT of food..

me on the other hand had and has been eating less
i dont know.. it doesnt feel good though

after than we went to night market.. i bought a housing for my phone
and white one
it matches the keychain so i put them together cuz
they belong together ..
(sings mariah carey song.. we belong together)

after that we went to my grandmother's house..
nothing special.. i was really happy i got to see my beloved grandmother
and my 3 little cousins... whaaah!

my aunt said that my teachers from my elemtary school said that i look thinner now
soo happy! ^__^
but not that happy.. for some reason i still dont have the appetite like i usually do..
hhuhuh.. i want to feel like i can eat a horse! but i cant T__T

i think i have a "no feeling" problem
i dont get excited when i watch je boys
i dont feel like eating when its time to eat
nothing online excites me anymore
every song i heard lately is just a bunch of ... nevermind

ok back to my story...
after that we went to.. sleep.. the next day is hari raya!
go to my granma house.. eat but still dont have mood to eat
its a pity.. my grandma is a great cook too!

then we hang around .. until my cousins came
but a certain un-husband-ed aunty came and ruin the day
because of her i didnt get to annoy "my favourite cousin to annoy"

it was a sad raya~...
next day we stayed home...
my grandma came and visit...
i said her tudung looks nice
and then she said"ni bini mat pi yg bagi"
my heart was struck my lighting...

my sister and i thought we defeated the "bini mat pi"
but now it didnt seem so..
(long story...)

anyway.. after that... we went to bed
and the next day we went back to perlis
we only got to eat nasik kak wok once.. it was sad!
but my mom made some delicious nasi goreng daging for breakfast + lunch
it was realy tasty..
and i cant wait eat it again
(this time miley cyrus song.. even tho i hate her!)

thats the end of my trap.. i mean trip back to kelatan ( too lazy to backspace)
i'm only post because i'm tired of waiting zettai kareshi to load..
and somehow i decided to watch a korean drama instead..
1% of anything...
it seems interesting but i dont know.. havent watch it yet..

it stopped loading..again!
i hateeee this laptop!

ok la baibai.. its better if i leave this laptop alone while the story load..

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