Thursday, December 18, 2008 @ 10:13 PM  0 stares
hey its me.. nina..(of crouse...its my blog..)
i'm not supposed to be back until 21 of december but right now i'm staying at my brother's house..and he got internet connection so what else..ONLINE la~!

my vacation trip was fun.. we took alot of pictures.. talked about many interesting things and shop till we ran out of money?.. well not really.. hahaha

lets talk about right now... right now i am really hungry.. i want to eat ~!!!.... for breakfast i ate a few spoons of oat meal... for lunch i ate rice with fried chicken and really oily gravy(?) that was supposed to be spicy..for dinner my sister in law cooked.. spicy red prawn , tom yam vegetables and fried chicken.. it was delicious but i'm still hungry~~~ i think my dad ordered dominos... haha i hope theres enough for every one...

it turns out that my best friend is also having her vacation.. haha its a good thing because i wouldnt be waiting online for her to come online all week...

tommorrow i'll be going to low yat (is that how it spelled?)
i have a feeling someone is going to get a new phone or something.. huahahaha and i hope its me!

i'm not sad really.. i just dont know what to write.. so my blog post ends here for today...i'll write all about my vacation when i go back to perlis... ja ne!

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