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my trip to penang was FUN~~ the most relaxing trip ever~

its the first time i went somewhere and didnt just think about going online...

~~~it was amazing~~~
(i wish the pmr result is not out tomorrow..)

it started raining gumballs...
oh wait! not yet...

it started with a kiss...
nope..thats the tittle of a taiwanese drama...

it started with putting on a baju kurung
and riding the car for 2 hours
i expected it to be hot..but not really.. it was okay..
the temperature wasnt boiling like i thought it would
after that we arrive at penang.. but not the island..
we went to a kenduri
there was a DJ... that dj was not soo nice
he said the groom's "best man" was more good looking that the groom
but you cant blame him.. it was true
but the real fact was : both of them wasnt good looking..

we rode the ferry
(its not my first time)
i thought i was going to have a headache..
but the i saw the bubbles the ferry was making.. i felt calm
but my mom was talking about contenas
"fun" fact : one ship can hold up to 120 contenas

after that we went to perangin mall..
my dad bought a car shapped mouse
my mom bought a usb pot
i bought a card reader .. i can transfer things from my phone now
my sisters got a hair cut....
i didnt get a hair cut because the workers werent friendly..
i didnt like them

after that we went and eat mcdonal..
while i was eating .. and wasnt thinking about boys
i saw JAEJONG...
not really.. some one looks like him when he was in the mini drama dangerous love
and went home back to the hotel.. and ate nasi kandar..
stayed at recsam international house
i was tired.. but my sister put on a mask on my face
it was relaxing

i fell asleep.. and the woke up at 3 am..
i throw away the mask and then thought about stuff
before i knew it its already 6 am
then some how i fell asleep again
i think i'm going to split this trip into 2 or 3 parts
(like a drama you watch online)

i'm too tired to continue.. i just got back and its already 3:42am
and the pmr result is tomorrow
if you want to know whats the "it started raining gumball" is all about.

!~stay tune~!
!~matte kudasai~!

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