Thursday, December 11, 2008 @ 5:35 AM  0 stares
confused... thats the word to express nina!

i'm just posting to clarify : i'm alive!..
.and a happy song to match it this happy occasion !

i'm soo happy
but somehow it doesnt feel right to feel happy..

soo many things had happened in kelantan
and on the way back to perlis..
and i cant wait to make a post about it..
but right now its 5:40.. and i think its going to take me a few hundred hours

and also theres like a few hundred things to be sad about
and i dont want to think about it right now..
but i just doesnt seem right not to think about it..

such a huge problem ne~
i'll stop here...for today..
i'll promise a very very very long post about my trip back to kelantan...

wait for it!

also thnx for commenting at my blog~
all comments made me very very happy!

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