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Sunday ( 14 dec 2008)
the night before, my mom told us to stay up until 6 am so that we can start our journey early in the morning... but this happened and that happened and we start out journey at 9 am

my sisters and i didnt sleep at all..so we had difficulty sleeping in the car .. the sun didnt like us so much that day... i felt like a bat having a war with the sun!..

My Journey at Melaka

my dad had work so my sisters, my mom and i went by ourselves.. we rode a taxi to dataran pahlawan... the people there wear very stylish outfit... wahh i was soo jealous...we watch SpaceChimps.. it was hillarious.. we were the only ones watching the movie... hahha it was fun...

when its about to get dark, my dad came... we went to eat burger king... the burger was veryy tasty... but the price was "verry veryy verry resonable.."

the next day we went to dataran melaka again..
we watch twilight this time.. the love story was great.. but the whole point of the movie was...not there... the story didnt even end~!...the climax was boring.. i rather watch RHplus anyday... japanese vampires beat american vampires! huahahaha

and then we went back to the hotel.. and fell assleep... everyone was tired..

On the way back to KL..

on the way back to kl.. we went to mini malaysia , melaka!

we took alot of pictures...

we watch a dance performance...haha.. it was soo funny i cant even describe it...

just one thing : the girl dancers should've worn long pants inside their skirt... hahahahah

other than that.. the stairs for sabah house was scary... the were round!

but i did it! i manage to get on and off without getting hurt!

and then we went to kl again... well shah alam....subang jaya.. watever that place is called

the point is we stayed at my brother's house

my sister in law cooked for us... it was tasty but we were still hungry..

so my dad ordered dominos... but it still wasnt enough...

at some point my brother asked "nk mkn lagi ke?".. he was secretly hungry himself!

and then he suggest "gi ah masak nasik 2 pot"
........and then........
my sister in law came down.. she was furious...
2 reason she was furious:
  1. when she ask my brohter just now, my brother said he wasnt hungry anymore

  2. they were almost "out of rice"....as if... i cook rice and i know theres lik 5 more pots in there.. they can always go buy the next day or something

i'm going to make a story about the evil sister in law... hahah.. i hope she doesnt read this..

it was very stressful.. so the next day my parents decided to stay at kl..

We went to kl... go here go there.. i forgot la...

i bought a movie and a drama .. tonari no yaoi chan and guren onna... i watch tonari no yaoi chan last night... was ...weird~!.... hahah ... but it was interesting.. the guy is cute!

i'm taking this chance to show off my bag and my phone and keychain and necklace...

the keychain,and necklace i bought at kelantan with my best friend

and the the phone i bought the housing at a night market in kelatan.. 10 ringgit only...

we ate delifrance...and then bought this and that.. my sisters bought alot of clothes.. i just stood and watch.. theres nothing really i feel like buying...

the last day...on our back to perlis... we went to sungkai...
TRAP...Taman Rekreasi Air Panas... somthing like an onsen... we went into the private jacuzzi ... 75 ringgit only...for one hour... tooo much fun until i had an headache... hahahaha... the jacuzzi tub was heart shape!.... even though we didnt eat anything in the morning.. we managed to have fun without thinking of food.. hahaha
and then we went back home... i think i forgot something ah nevermind.. too tired la...i want to reply messages at crunchyroll but it wont load.. huhuhu