Sunday, January 4, 2009 @ 1:29 AM  1 stares
Kanzaki Nao
i didnt change my name.. its toda erika's name in the drama liar game
i like the way she say that

my name is nina
that is what i will be repeating for 100 times tomorrow when school starts
they will ask where i live.. what do my parents do
and when the next teacher come in it will start all over again

and i'll probably accidentally drop my pen like 5 times a day = 25 times a week due to my unexplainable clumsiness at school..

i guess that couldn't be helped..
on the other hand

i can transfer things from and to my phone!

i have a card reader now.. well since i got back from pulau pinang that is
and just dad gave me another memory card~!

and i dont know why but both of the memory card made a problem at first but now its working great~
i really need to change the theme without disturbing its setting
the problem is do i do that?
i guess i have to find out by myself

i'm really tired today.. i went to send my little sister off to mrsm.. and then my parents and i went on 2 shopping trips..

our first shopping trip to giant hypermarket.. we bought my school shoes and a clothes rack and a book self..and stuff like that for our home..pen, books, files, hanger, and alot more

the second shopping trip is to tesco.. we bought chicken and fish and crab and ice cream and sugar and stuff for the kitchen..

the sum was...unbelievable..

i am too tired to continue my ranting
i still want to write about what i want!
but right now i just really want to sleep
plus i have pending chores for today...

*~*~*4th january 2009*~*~*
  • cook rice 4 pot 6 water
  • put away my sister's laundry
  • clean the house
  • take out crab from the fridge to cook
  • watch final episode of liar game
  • get ready for school
  • hueeeee
  • go on another attempt to not go to mrsm
its kanzaki nao time~
....bye bye for now ....