Tuesday, January 27, 2009 @ 9:42 PM  1 stares
its a proved fact that every camera respect their owner!
like my gewe's camera for instance.. i dont look so pretty.. but she looks great!
but in my camera i look great! and my gewe look as pretty as she is..which is greater!

god why is she so pretty?.. i want to be prettier than her!!!! huaaaaaaa
(she's the on in white tudung... i'm the one in black tudung)

hahaha the important thing was we had fun last sunday~~! syamimi,farah nabeela, and i went to kbmall! just for fun ..

syamimi was late..for like 1 hour and a half! but its her lost.. i already laughed my head off with farah nabeela..
(did they plan to wear white tudung?? and didnt ask me?. this is unfair!!)

huahahha.. dont worry syamimi.. we only talk about "budak kiut" who sat beside me in class.. you already know that story...

her excuse was funny.. a car tercabut tayar... but its true.. we cant blame her.. its not her fault that the car tercabut tayar... huhu.. WAIT! maybe it was her fault.. the tyre was blinded by her beauty!.. hahah yep thats it!

when she got there (to kbmall)

we walk and talk and walk... and talk and walk and talk...

(the word walk and talk seems kind of funny to my now).... moving on...

we wanted to decided where to eat.. so we walk all the way up! and then we go back down again and then up and down and up and down.. and AT LAST! we decided to eat at noodle station

i love this picture.. everyone look perfect!
whats the term for it??

too much fun!
I want to do this again!!

soo sad that mizah couldnt come! i want to berkepit with mizah!!!!

but what can we do.. she's busy "cuci mata"- ing at kl..

well i should stop for now.. before this post gets too long like it usually does..

ah! i forgot..one more picture!

well it was okay.. the mee was too tom yam-ish..
i expected it to be less tom yam-ish
but even the name is tom yam something something so its supposed to be very tom yam ish

i think farah and syamimi's drinks looks cutee! and tasty..
the pink one is syammi's and the tea is farah's
and mine is the chocolate milkshake!

total for my half of the food = RM15.90? ..
well something like that

talking about food... and i'm hugary hungry
bye bye

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