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at exactly
1.00am 21st january 2009, wednesday...
i finished watching hana yori dango final which means i've completed the whole thing~~!!

Hana yori dango
Hana yori dango 2
Hana yori dango final (movie)

uwaaaaaaaaaa... no more hana yori dango~ no more matsujun and mao.. no more hanazawa rui.. no more matsuda shota.. no more F4... no more okami san.. no more sakurako.. no more shigeru!.. no more "arienaitsunoooo"... no more domyouji funny japanese.. no more susume.. no more hanazawa rui!..

okay i love hanazawa rui.. you cant blame me for mentioning him twice.. i love oguri shun as hanazawa rui and i wont accept him as something else .. i wont accept him as detective conan.. and i wont accept him as sano izumi in hana kimi.. i wont! i wont! i wont!

th ending was great .. i love how they got married at the clock thing where they had their first date.. i love how hanazawa rui was the one who married them.. to each other.. i mean he's the priest.. not that they married hanazawa rui.. *headache*

i love in season one where they got trapped in the elevator.. i love when domyouji and makino accidently fell at the ball and ehem... i love when they went to the zoo .. i love it when domyouji gives makino the phone and the saturn necklace...i love it when sakurako beat domyouji up! muehehehe

in season 2 i love it when makino say "i am bus".. and then i love it when toma ikuta was all hot.. and then i love it when shigeru was all hyper.. i love it when they rented the apartment and domyouji bought the whole building.. i love it that domjyouji is scared of puppies.. i lovee nishidaa ( the asisstant)...i love hanazwa rui : he plays the violin.. i love when shigeru and makino plays the piano!!...i love when toda erika was acting all nice but then not so nice and then nice again.. and then i love it when domyouji and makino got stuck in the snow blizzard...

(out of energy..)

as for hana yori dango final.. i love it when they fight - cutely.. i love where they got married.. i love the plane they got .. i love when they're in los vegas.. i love it when the big truck guy ask doumyouji for his autograph... i lovee shigeru.. hanazawa rui didnt stand out like in season one and season 2 though.. i love it when nishikado run away from yuki.. i love

lets just say i love every part of every minute of hana yori dango!!

my favourite drama !!

okay so far in 2009 i've finish
guren onna?
(wait did i finish this during december?..nope january!)
liar game
hana yori dango 2
hana yori dango final

so tomorrow i'm going to finish honey and clover .. i already watch until ep 5 so far
after that yamada taro monogatari !
(matsujun bait = inlove with arashi)

wahh i'm going to finish watching as many dramas as possible
even though i've watched alot already.. until my sister ask "mu tgk semo cito doh ko?"
or to translate "did you watch every drama already?"

talking about dramas
keitai sousakan 7 was removed from crunchyroll... hueee
also a few dramas i already watched was removed too
soo glad i watched them already!

other than that.. cool looking dramas..korean dramas such as freeze and alone in love is not available in my reigon .. i hate that cr.. and cr hates me back

also i'm dowloading a jdrama called my little chef..
its a really old drama but it seems interesting..
i'm planning to watch with my sisters during CNY..
(chinese new year)

62% already
100% - 62% = 38% to go

wahh i should sleep now.. its almost 2..
fact : i take AT LEAST 1 hour to write a post

ok thats for today..
bye bye

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