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i'm just in the blogging mood.. beside my last post wasnt really a post..

so i'm just going to go briefly through my week so far..

my english teacher is a meanie.. he hates all of us student.. i keep on saying " i hate you all" so i decided i'm going to call him mr. i hate you all.. today we had our sport house? meeting.. i dont have one yet so i decided to do as i please and join my friend's sport house.. (i still dont think thats the right term for that)... but unlucky me..they guys i like its not in that team..also to add my unlucky-ness mr. i hate you all is one of the teacher in charge ..along with my form3 form teacher my beloved ustazah.. gosh i hope she didnt see me .. there was another meeting at 4pm but i decided to cut because my name wasnt on the list and i'm moving anyway so it doesnt really matter does it..

during chemistry.. the teacher asked us to introduce ourselves..its the first teacher that asked us to do so.. just when i thought no teacher is going to do that.. so when it was my turn to introduce.. i asked my friend to introduce herself first.. but then she kept on hesitating .. and and then i was thinking " is she going to introduce or not?..." so i was hesitating too.. both of us didnt get up..the whole class laugh.. haizz... why does funny things happen to only me when i try my best not to stand out..huhu.. so i just go ahead and introduce my self..

my name is nina i live at..... my ambition is to be a doctor?
wait since when?... i only want to take medic.. doesnt mean i want to be a doctor..does it?
ahh who cares.. i dont know my ambition yet.. its too early for that teacher to ask that kind of question

before pendidikan agama islam class start.. i was bored so i was browsing through my PAI text book.. in there i found a list of phone numbers..filled with boys name.. this year form 5 boys..and then i showed it to my friends..they were browsing through the number looking for someone they know.. i took a look.. unfortunately theres no form 4 student's number in there..just my luck..i was hoping i could find _____'s number.. oh wait! does he have a phone?..oh well.. if he has an email, that would be even better!..(cheecky... stop that!)

i was more comfortable in class now.. dont know why.. even though i had a hard time moving inside the class.. it was too small.. but theres also air-cond!!.. i dont know if it can function..but its pretty cold so i'm guessing it does work!..

so this saturday we have our merentas desa.. i am NOT GOING!.. no way!.. i'll just hurt my leg and waste my weekend when i could stay home and watch tv ..i mean computer..

as for studies (thats the whole point of going to school anyway)..i cant comment much..the exam format seems alot more diffcult compared to last year.. but i cant complain.. i cant say i didnt see it i concluded theres alot more studying for spm.. i need to study 100x as hard to memorize word to word of every chapther of every subject cuz thats the only sure-fire or sure-score plan to score 10 A1 in spm 2010!..wait doesnt est count? if it does then i'm taking 10.. when i go to mrsm do i want to take account?.. hmm...that will make it 11.. wahh...i'll think about it

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