Monday, January 5, 2009 @ 5:18 PM  1 stares
i feel like a polar bear...
tired..full and ready to hibernate..

but if i do hibernate ..i wouldn't' be able to hibernate when i'm supposed to
its like a polar bear that hibernate during spring instead of winter
if you don't' understand.. then lets just leave it at that!

My First Day of school

the only way i can describe it is with
Tai fan nao
(too worried)

i'm worried too pasive is no good
worried too impulsive is not good

i'm worried, too clever isn't good
worried too stupid isn't good

worried no one understands

(just like rainie yang's song)

actually i feel like that all the time when i'm at school..
not just the first day of school

i am too tired to write what happened
i just really want to sleep

  • my clothes didnt look well..
  • i fell alseep during the boring speech
  • people who i dont even know..knows me!
  • i feel like kicking anyone..and i mean ANYONE who would voulenteer to be kicked!

not getting 8A's would be sad..
but getting 8A's is no diffrent..
life is still misrable..

they should make a class on how to comunicate
no one has ever thought me how to speak to someone,
how to become friends with someone,
how to tell your result without sounding too vain,
or how to comfort someone when they're inneed of comforting but still not sounding to busy body..

life is not hard
but its not easy neither

thats all from me for today..or at least for now..