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tell me tell me tell me something i dont know ..something i dont know

Another Cinderella Story is an okay movie.. its a mix of a cinderella story and camp rock

selena gomez from wizards if the waverly place is the main lead ..her mom is a dancer who died and she then was taken care by this old celebrity who has this 2 daughters.. so she go to school the popular kid dont like her (just like cinderella story)..and then theres this male idol/celeb (named joey)came to her school looking for a person to be in his music video (just like camp rock)..
the whole movie is kinda boring..

the best part of it is this video

i wish i have a chance like that..
i'm the girl that doesnt stand out but the main lead wants me anyway..kieh3

other than that i've finished watching hana yori dango 2.. toda erika is it in the kast episode! she is soo sweet!... that is officially my favourite drama.. toma ikuta is in ep1.. matsumoto jun is there.. oguri shun too.. matsuda shota too~!! kyaaaah.. *out of energy*

ok drama otaku mode off..

lets talk about real life

well today i woke up.. took a long shower..
and then i help my mom .. polish my shoes..clean the kitchen..
and then i eat.. clean the dishes.. and the online.. do my homework
and the i chat another cinderella story.. and then chat and then eat
and then i clean the dishes again and then chat and then homework

my life is boring
i cannot wait to go to school tomorrow
..i might get scolded .. and get a rotan..
but at least theres something to write about here..

more importantly..
i cannot wait for chinese new year
i'm not chinese but i am celebrating
well kind of.. i'm going back to kelantan and thats something to celebrate!
~kak wok oh yeah~posperity oh yeah~ curly fries oh yeah~ nasik kukus oh yeah~

Yey yey
Afiq ciku ciku
Halim osman
aduh Maleha
tok che!!

wahhh i miss them soo much!
(for your info...they 're my cousin..and tok che is my grandmother)

chinese new year laii!!!

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