Wednesday, January 7, 2009 @ 12:05 AM  1 stares
this post is just to blow off some steam..

you know the kind of people who only friends with someone because that someone is smart?

well you know what?..
they exist...and the admit it too!

i have a online 'friend'
(who, for some reason doesnt really like klantanese people)
she said it herself that she is trying to score a certain subject this year
so for that reason, she's being friend with smart people..

okay first of all i dont get why she dont really like kelantanese people..
kelantanese are actually smarter than people from some other states
(i am not praising myself because i'm not really kelantanese)

if you look at upsr or pmr or spm result, kelantan is one of the states with high academic achivements..
so i dont get why she dont like kelantan people so much
since she really wants to friends with smart people..she should!

the kind of people who friend with people because of their marks should WAKE UP! and realise even if you sleep in one bed with that smart kid.. DOESNT MAKE YOU ANY SMARTER!..

if you take a look at any university.. most of them are kelantanese..
dont believe me?
go and check!

think of it this way.. what about people with bad marks..who would want to be friends with them?

i know i would!..
in making friends, it doesnt really matter whats the scores you get..whats matter is who you are inside.. but if your not that smart and also ONLY want to be friends with smart people, TAKE A HIKE! do you actually think smart kids would want to be friends with you?

Try thinking of it this way..
of course smart kids only wants to be friends with smart kids.. why do they have to hang around with stupid kids who doesnt give any advantage to them..right?

also try and think if everyone around you is like that.. and your the not so smart kid..
of crouse no one in that class would want to be your friend but instead they hover around the genius of the class... but suddenly BOOM!.. you got higher marks than the genius.. all eyes are on you!..of crouse you feel sad because they only want to make friends with your marks..and not YOU!

its okay to like the attention..but if would prefer people to be friends with you because of your marks than having only a few close friends..or live for fame and glamor life at school.. you should make a show called "Desprate Student"..because thats what you are!

1 true friend is better than 100 friends that would come and go..

but if you're the kind of person who friends with someone because of their marks..
you dont deserve a true friend!