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you must be crazy if you really think i would write about ways to sneeze like a cat

well if i can i would.. but i dont know the exact ways.. but somehow i sneeze like a cat.. sudden and sounds weird..but polite~ ahahaha

today at school.. ha choo haa choo... haaaa......haaa....haaachoo!
i sneeze non stop.. also a little headache ..
wait wait i want to start from the very begining!

i woke up at around 6:40..
shower shower shower.. sneeze.. shower
and it was 7:15 already..
my mom starts yelling : ninaaaa!! cpat.. LEWAT dah ni!!!
so without fixing my tudung..and my shoes were half-tied.. i rush down stairs..
wish reminds me .. i forgot to wear face powder this morning!
but body powder i wear lah!

ok ok so i rushed downstairs and got inside/on to the car..
my mothers student are like little goats! they dont know to walk tepi tepi
i didnt mind them that much.. i was PrEoccupied
i fixed my tudung and tie shoes..
it was really dark even though its almost 7:20

my tudung didnt look so well..
when i arrived i walk walk walk.. then the teachers are preparing for the assembly ..they where taking chairs from the meeting room so i decided to walk kat tapak perhimpunan tu.. xde la bertembung ngan cikgu nanti.. just as i wished.. i didnt bertembung into cikgu.. but instead i bertembung with "dier"..(ape yg dier buat dpn kelas aku hah?..minggu lepas xde pon)..
arghhh.. just when i dont look my best.. thats when he's there..

so i buat bodo je la (haha rojak terus)..
i walk straight into my class without looking at his eyes..

after that i put my bag and books down
and do what i always do.. smile + control
still not realising my tudung is all kedut kedut.. bulat pulak tu

after that we go to assembly.. luckily the sun was nice to me today..
a few people beside me was trying so hard to cover the sunlight while i'm in a comfortable position.. protected by shadows of other students ..

even so.. i was still haa choo ing
and i dont have tissues! if i asked around for tissues i think it would be just a waste of my time becaus students of that school doesnt carry tissues around but instead they carry mirrors..
so if you want to look you want to look at a miror just ask.. there will be 5 mirrors waiting in line!

so i had to cover2 la without a tissue.. know what i mean right
while doing so i was fixing my tudung

of crouse after assembly theres a spot class was free from spot check just like that! huahahah that was lucky because i somehow forgot to clip my nails..god i even forgot to wear my watch today.. haizz i forgot soo many..

so after that bla bla bla ..same old thing..
i sneeze and had to cover.. oh yeah i went to the koperasi to buy tissues but theres soo many people.. i hate people so i decided not to buy..

so the whole day i sneeze sneeze sneeze and theres no tissue! so cover cover cover.. but i'm sure someone saw me "covering"... well that just his or her luck then.. i dont care anymore.. i'm the one that has heatlh problems today is me not her/him so if that person want to think i'm disgusting then i dont mind!.. okay i do mind but leave me alone would you?

oh yeah almost forgot..during recess.. i saw "dier" again
why soo many time today?!
its rare to see him at the canteen.. he usually just walks by
but today he was hanging around the tempat jual nasik..
and again i didnt look into his eyes.. i just wasnt my luck i guess..
usually i get to see his eye by accident

oh yeah.. my friends where talking about someone..
they said that someone was waiting outside of our class intai-ing one of my friends
i wonder who were they talking about.. i only look at "dier".. everybody else around them i didnt mind much
maybe it was him intai-ing my friend?
gosh i hope not!

even with all that things happened to me.. i not sad because of i dont have a pack of tissue (lagi lagi tisu.. obsess tisu agaknye aku ni) or my day went so-so .. i'm sad because alot of people that deserve to get mrsm didnt get it..which makes me kinda scared to go.. the spirit i had before, flew away! huhuhu..

but for me theres no choice.. its either move now..or move later to another state that i dont know..either way i have to move sooner or later... my current school is also not the best school to be in.. lets say if i'm still in my last school in kelantan i think i have a better future there than here where the teacher is also pening2 lalat.. so just think all the advantage you have staying at home.. you can still watch tv.. you can go to trips.. i dont think i can make it to my sister's graduation next year.. huhu.. staying home means you can eat delicous food, study comfortable-ly unlike in asrama wheres theres alot of bugs and nyamuk and very hot, when you're sad you can complain to your mother or blogging but i cant do that anymore in 8 days!..

honestly i think my old school in kelantan is the best school to be in! theres no boys so there would be no distraction~!

talking about boys and distaction.. theres this kid.. he's soo annoying
i know he was just trying to be "friendly" and "start a conversation" but it just annoys me

the teacher was giving an example.. contoh mak cik yg suka gossip.. ehh nak tau tak najmi ngan farah ada afair ..bla bla bla that teacher goes on.. then the teacher ask "ada org nama farah kat cni?..." my official name there is nina so the teacher was technically talking to the kid another kid named farah.. so its not me and i dont mind lah

but that after that teacher left.. the annoying kid said " najmi najmi!.. bukan farah tu.. farah ni..yg sebelah ni.." (he meant me).. i act like i didnt heard him.. my sneeze is enough to annoy me.. he dont need to contribute in annoying me.. but as always i stay calm.. xlayan la budak cenggitu!..i dont respond to people who picks a fight for no reason

this is the 2nd time he did something like this.. the first time was not so annoying.. he said " org sebelah, org sebelah.. syafiq tanya ni kena buat sampai mana?" and i dont really talk to boys so i just said in very low volume "ntah.. sampai cni kot?".. i'm not sure if he heard me.. at the time he could've just ask the person infront of me.. he talks to her more.. why did he have to ask me?.. he even talks to the person behind me very often.. why did he have to tire me to waste my voice?

ok lah.. ithink i wrote very long already.. i also want to eat..

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