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finallly!!!! ... the internet! after almost 2 weeks at mrsm!

mrsm is okay.. its like.. not moving at all... the diffrence between here and back at home is
  • here the food is salty..
  • i have to wash and iron my own clothes..
  • theres suprisingly less bugs than i expected...less bugs then back at home!.. theres only butterflies and a few coackroaches!
  • i have to rush everywhere .. at home i'm slow and steady~
  • the boys here = not handsome! i want to go to mrsm berseri!!


as you might already know.. they have a homeroom system here.. my homeroom consists of a buch of people who was born in august and july.. my homeroon is the worst part of the mrsm.. gossip about a few people in my homeroom had spread to the entire universe! muahahaha!... no no! just the girls dormitory..

theres psp and budak bajet pandai nasyid.. thhe most interesting part was i ate a purple ice cream and my teeth turn purple... after that i cried?.. hahha that was soo embrassing! hahaha

form 4 still cry ah?... ish ish ish.. i cry not becuase i miss home or i miss my boyfriend (who doesnt exsist) i cried because they were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo controling.. gila kuasa!!! bajet nk mampus!! pulonnn!!!!! kurang aja !! x sedar diri!! perasan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perah santan la wei befaedah sikit!

please lah! my mom and my dad doesnt scold me ... they dont ask me to do this or that.. well they do but they ask for the things that they can do by themselves.. they just need help doing them!.. but the beajet ppl in my homeroom! they want to control their "prettiness" that they decide to be the "director" instead!..

director my $@#! ...they're more like dictator!!..

  • my shoes is broken!
  • my leg hurts!.. melecet teruk tau!
  • i dont have enough sleep!
  • my my homeroon is breathing down my neck that i'm not supporting and "kurang aktif"

its not that i'm not supporting.. is just that i know i cant do the things they want me to do .. like drink an egg... i'll puke!.. cofee? i can drink that but the feci asked psp to drink it!.. hmm become the setiausaha? my handwritting = elementary student!

i regret complimenting that kid's eyes.. i found out her eyes shines becuz she wears contact lense!

god! i hope "he" doesnt wear contact lense!!!

hahaha by "he" i mean the one from my old school.. no one can beat him so far!

wait!! theres one!.. abg lee dong wook!.. huahahha.. he's a form 5 student!but he's too pucat!

as for form 4 student.. theres no one... no one.. no oneee~~ well theres this reall nice boy.. but it turns out he's a playboy!... ughh... he even conteng my meja!! sakit hati btol!.. but he's really nice~~ he helped me a serveral times... note to slef: keep a far distance.. dont fall for a playboy!

other than that.. i made a few friends.. la bla bla.. theres no one to be gila2 with like syamimi! but can la talk about stalking boys!

oh yeah about that kid in my homeroom we call her "psp".. she will be gone for 2 or 3 weeks.. she have cornea ulser!.. or something like that!! serve her right! but kesian la... mata dier bengkak!

the story is the bajet pandai nasyid likes "psp" but she likes a from 5 student from kl just like her!.. and that fom 5 student melayan la jugak!.. ish3... teruk btol

yg playboy tu he's with "psp"'s friend! or is he?.. fuhh watever laa

okay this is tiring~~!!!! i want to sleeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe not so much.. i want to watch a drama?.. not sure

oh right! u want to send a message to my friend!! but the internet is soo slow.. friendster wont load!!.. huhuhuhu.. i'll try my best to wait for it to load.. so if at the end of the day theres no message from me that means the internet is slower than you think it is!

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