Sunday, February 8, 2009 @ 1:59 AM  2 stares
i am not looking for a girl named jean.. i looking for my lost jean pants!!
maybe its missing because its about time that i buy SOME new ones!

well anyway... today, as i said yesterday, my sister came home! yay! .. i love her laptop!.. even though it makes really silly typing errors, i like it .. its cute! i want to ask for a laptop like that for my pmr present but thats too expensive and i'm going to get that kind of laptop during university!

talking about universities.. i have no idea where i want to go after my spm next year.. i have no idea what my ambition is.. all i have in my mind right now is i want to take medic so that when people ask my mom what i'm doing she can aswer "she's doing medic!".. that would sound soo cool!

(picture doesnt have anything to do with the blogpost!)

okay maybe its too early to think about that.. lets get to what acutally happened today.. my sister came home.. she bought me shoes~ the perfect size.. i talk soo much and i think my voice is in full volume.. so i only for a little while but around 2 o'clock, my mom told us we had to go and pay my little sister a visit.. there we found a shop selling delicious rice ( nasi lemak ayam)! just like the one in kelantan.. everyone wants to have a taste! haha

after that we went to doraemon i mean giant!...
we ate marrybrown and went shopping i bought 5 t-shirts (because i only 1.. usually i wear something else)..and pants and bla bla bla...

after that we ate at kuala perlis
it was delicious.. yum yum.. tomyam seafood- fish somthing - sotong(squid) - sayur kailam?- anf kerang ( which was apparently busy with jojo because it arrived a little to late " before-after- during dinner , we gossip about my sister in law.. ughh she is soo.......!@#$%^&*(

while shopping, i found out that my gewe have a phone now!.. i am soo happy for her! that phone is soo cutee!! i want one!!!!

god i'm tired.. the whole day i tried and convice my mother that i'm going to school to pay my history workbook but she's thinking too much when i said "nk amik gambar orangggg"..she's right to think "out of the box".. but thinking wayyy out side the box is a little too much... i'm not that kind of girl lah me.. your daughter : not gatal or lekeh!.. well maybe not soo much

i want to sleep now.. wayy to tired... i'll write something more interesting tomorrow!
(even though my posts are boring to the maximum .. at least i write what i feel and not worrying how other people see me at least)

bye bye for now

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