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today WAS supposed to be my last day of normal school..
but then i found out another 2 people in my class who got mrsm also wanted to come this monday.. so i have no choice.. besides, i forgot to pay my history work book!..
i also havent thank my form 3 science teacher yet.. so bla bla bla ..
i also want to take pictures of...... as i said to my mom :

"nk amik gambar Ooraangg"

ok.. just like the pas few post (in a row).. theres "him"
i know this i know that.. i probably shouldnt tell what i found out this couple of days.. you might think i'm a total stalker and might not talk to me anymore if you do before.. and stop reading this freak's blog if you're just passing by.. hahaha

what i can tell you is .. he used to pe a prefect before i came to the school.. that why i thought he was a prefect i even thought " eh budak ni bukan ke aku yg silap tgk".. maybe he quit before i moved.. maybe he quit after i move to the school.. not sure.. but one thing for sure.. he does look like a prefect face.. well what i mean is he doesnt seem like the type that break rules.. but still not skema de~

lets stop talking about him.. its the 4th post in a row that i mention "him"
takut ade org menyampah jek baca.. asyik2 "dier"

....................hmm what should i talk about instead?..................

today.. my brother came home.. my sister is on the way.. she'll arrive tomorrow..
bak cni kasut!!! muehehehe

today..i return my text book, took the school certificate thing, bla bla bla
oh yeah.. things with me and my class monitor.. is kinda awkward..
or is it just me that made things awkward ..
well here's the story..
yesterday i went for a medical check up.. and it so happens that he's there too.. he's not the type i feel comfortable talking to because he is also shy shy cat.. so i didnt say hi.. or smile... just tuduk soo much that he cannot see my face...

wait! i just remember i dont feel comfortable talking to boys at all!.. any type ..

well that solves this question.. hahaha... if you dont understand just walk away~
it doesnt matter.. he's moving too!
and i think he didnt tell anyone that he met me at the clinic.. deep down he's a good guy!

hahaha you cant blame me for having no other topic except boys..
boys boys boys... i'm getting tired of writing about them but thats the only thing that is different from the usual

ok change the topic... music?..

well yesterday i help my friend download a few songs.. she doesnt mind what song.. it turns out that she likes korea too!.. just when i have to move school aizzz... she asked for big bang and super junior.. i downloaded bigbang's album and suju's single and a few song.. its a little boring but i gave it to her anyway since she asked..

i also gave songs that everyone likes.. like dbsk - doushite kimi wo sukini natte shimattan darou.. (the tittle is soo long ah)... and then wondergirls songs.. and so nyuh shin de - gee... i took a few videos and song from her too .. like rain and se7en and my girl ost!...

hahaha .. this is nothing new to some people..but it is to me.. well i used to show my friend some stuff but never actually copy from someone else.. ^^ and also i want to avoid talking about boys again (which i am right now arent i ?..hahaha)

oh yeah i open a bank account.. my bank card is cutee!! ... while waiting.. i was massage-ing with my self-claimed cousin.. he knows my name.. he knows my little sister..
i think its either my cousin who i tricked a few weeks ago.. or my twin?..he writes like my twin.. but his style of talking is like someone that is not klantanese which makes me suspect that he might be my cousin...and also my cousin miss called me the night before so who else right?..

my posts are seriouly long.. so what i want to say is

thank you if you've been reading my endless random rants
(which i'm sure no one ever does but thank you anyway)
thank you if you've been forcing you're eyes too read my bad english and twisted words

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