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wei jgn nk perasan.. for sure the person i miss is not the one reading this!

the person reading this right now .. but thats not what i'm talking about

i miss mojojojojoe jonas!!
or "him".. or "dier".. or "orrang" also known as makmal!

fuhh... the "drama" end a month ago .. but somehow the new "drama" cannot beat that even with lee dong wook and a few other good looking, weird, emotional, no fun characthers ..

okay back to the topic.. i miss him so much
i told my mom to take a picture of "orrang" but she ignored me
but suprisingly .. my dad listened and took the picture!!!!!

well he doesnt know what's "orrang" real name..

when i met with my former class president at the medical check up.. i showed him to my dad "tu la ketua tingkatan nina.. dia dpt beseri"

after that during outing i started talking about "orrang" to my mom.. just for fun to fill my time.. saying "amik la gambar orrang.. dia putih2.. pakai beg putih belang pengawas sket".. it was just barely a joke

and than a few weeks after that my dad said "yg ketua tu ada duk rapat ngan sorang budak ni .. tinggi2.. putih2.. mcm azim (my brother).. yg tu kot?".. and then i said " tok tahu laa"..

after a few hundred times joking about asking my mom to go and take the picture, when i came back home yesterday.. my dad showed me his camera.. and there was my class monitor.. and beside him was ORAANG!!

he lost his sense of style!.. haha.. not really.. he seems a little diffrent de.. he was wearing baby blue striped shirt... he doesnt suit that colour!!...

my dad asked me
"pengawas tengku suleiman(my old school) pakai tie hijau ko?"

and then i said
"dop.. diorg pakai biru gelap.. sluar ngan tie"

and then he said
"oo.. x pakai la tie ijau?"

and then i said "dop" and the he asked
"pengawas keno pakai songkok ko?"

and then i said
" x .. suko hati la nk pakai ko dop"..

and then he asked
"budak tu pengawas ko duluh?"

and then i said
"budok tu pengawas kjap jah.. pastu dia stop sbb fom 3 .. dia nk study la kot?.. tapi dio ado style pengawas la" ..

and the he asked
"style pengawas?"

i said
"a'ah...kat tengku suleiman kito boleh bezo pengawas ngan budak biaso..
budak biaaso selekeh sket.. pengawas ada style dio.. mcm budak2 terpilih jah"

"bakpo tanyo pasal tie tuh??"

and then my dad didnt reply

i dont know what is going on
a part of me feel i'm glad made that joke in the first place
another part of me feels scared.. did "he" do something?.. my dad face was pretty serius.. (ini serius~ wonderpets.. wei dah dah)

so kids.. becareful what you wish for.. it might just turn unbelivably wierd!

(sorry for the speeling errors.. my automatic spell check is absent today )

oh before i go.. i found abg lee dong wooks friendster!! and his picture.. which doesnt look as he does in real life.. oh yeah did i mention i got a warning from form 5 student last week saying "adik jgn kaco abg org nanti ada org marah"..

and i made a harmless joke to my friend and she flipped!god whats her problem!.. maybe her sock's stink is getting to her brain..

(now i really cant promote this blog full of sins to anyone.. so much for innocent nina)

aftr that.. i fell sick 2 days ago.. ada hikmah nye .. my friends and i got to get away from getting our names written when we were late to go to surau

hmm what else.. oh yeah i have to do a science fair project under the chemistry category.. i dont know why but i'm looking forward to do the presentation.. i have a feeling that i'll end up doing the presentation anyway..

wahhh theres soo much more to write.. maybe i should save some for my english journal..
or at least my next post

so big news: tomorrow i'm going to kl.. first we'll be going to sungkai.. after that kl (my brother's house)... after that.. not sure

whatever lah.. its 3:30 and i'm tired... i'll write my journal and then i'll go to bed.. if i wake up early tommrow maybe i'll post another post or maybe start working on my add maths homework.. i have the whole chapter 2 to finish from 3 diffrent book and all of them is once school open... before 7:40am ... unbeliveable ! i also have to take a quiz and have to get A if not the teacher will do something to me!.. aiyoh!

tension tension tension!

bye bye.. happy holidays... i'll be back this wednesday! wait for me!!!!! please~

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