Thursday, March 19, 2009 @ 7:00 AM  1 stares
Guess what?..
its 7am and i'm STILL awake.. and writing another blog post..

  • downloading songs until the computer is full..
  • listening to it until you eardrum brust!..
  • eating until your stomach hurts..
  • watching drama online until the sun rises even though you've been travelling the whole day (yesterday)..
  • attempt to finish the never ending pile of homework.. in front of the computer
  • wake up with a headache and bat eyes in the morning afternoon
  • clean the toilet (wait!!..whats up with this?)

this is my my ideal past time.. this is the life.. god how i miss doing all of these things..

theres a few songs i'm really addicted to right now .. so like my previous "at home" post.. videos here they comee!!!

korean song - color pink - blue moon

i love their clothes.. and the song too!! <3 the lyrics!

japanese song - berry koubou - dakishimete dakshimete

their clothes i dont love so much.. but the dance step i loveee soo much + song

as for the drama.. i watch the drama ToGetHer.. but jiro wang doesnt suit to be nicholas teo! huahahaha.. it reminds me of wei xiao pasta but jiro wang is silly and rainie yang is blurr.. i decided to stop after part 4 episode one

today/last night/just now i watch mei chan no shitsuji.. its very interesting .. mizushima hiro is sooo charming!! kyaa? ok he's charming but i think i'm too old to go "kyaaa"

anyway back to the drama its about a poor but happy girl who suddenly lost her parents .. and then her grandfather just happen to be the owner of japan's largest company so she have to go to an elite girls school where every1 have their own hotties butler carter to their every wishes.. and she have to fit in with this snoobs so that she can afford to pay for her parents gravesite.. or something like that..

and mizushima hiro is the girl (mei chan) butler.. mizushima hiro has a lil brother who looks like he's inlove with mei chan so the lil brother decided to work hard to become a butler so that he can stay close to mei chan.. mizushima hiro = robot.. haha but a very charming robot... mei chan is not that cute.. but when she's not wearing her glasses she looks cute!

oh yeah.. the sister from seigi no mikata.. nakata makiko.. she's in the drama too the ultimate lady.. or something like that.. but she's kinda crazy!.. well she was "kinda" crazy in seigi no mikata too but in mei chan no shitsuji she's crazy to the level she wants to kill mei chan.. nakata makiko's butler was the evil dude in liar game.. the one with white hair..and i'm not reffering to matsuda shota promotional picture ..

wow did i just write 3 paragraph after watching only one episode? .. i'm pretty good dont you think? .. huahahahaha... hey this is my blog i can praise myself all i want.. go praise yourself and your own blog if you're soo jelous!

haha i'm going crazy..maybe its because its now 8 am.. i should sleep now .. continue my homework -finishing attempt tomorrow.. at 2 o'clock.. maybe late-er than that.. lets just see

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