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this and that and this and that... it turns out that theres someone with my name and she's causing some trouble with her friend whose name is exactly like my friend's name.. too much of a coincedence can happen! ..believe it!

so anyway .. have i mention abg lee dong wook!.. well he talked to me last night!!!.. huahahaha

first i embaressed myself for wanting to going out using the "in" .. and he and his friend were aabout to go in.. and my friends said " nina nina nina.. belah sini la".. pastu aku pon "eh.. ya allah ya tahun tu malu nya!!!!".... huhuhu.. and then abg lee dong wook's friend gelak jek... (eh ter-melayu plak)

huhuhu after that of crouse i emo lah!... in psp i was intai-ing abg lee dong wook but somebody else perasan aku tgk dier!.. boleh lak dier.. igt dier ensem?.. ish3... he was saying to his friends.."wei budak tu duk tgk aku".. haiyoo.. tolong laaa.. so emo lah.. 1+1 = 2... double the emo and malu-ness..

after that i emo at the stairs... just sit and talk.. "mesti dier igt... hwaaa...huhuhu" and then my friend said " dier x igt punya.. dont worri" .. and then i said "memang la dier x igt.. aku yg igt!"

and then we emo punya emo.. then abg fikri came.. and ask... "ni apesal nie?" .. and then i said "xde ah"... i dont know if i sound rude.. but who care.. its in the past! huahaha

after a few minutes.. abg lee dong wook wanted to go down the stairs... and then he/his fried dropped some pappers.. and i was like.. "ni xmo amek ke?".. and then they said" tu xyah.. x penting pon... biaq ja"..(he said while looking into my eyes! XD)... and then my friend and i was like "ehh?".. after that.. what else.. of crouse we picked up the papper!!.. but it turns out that its not his.. its some girl's paper!.. which means that girl doesnt mean much because they didnt pick up her paper!.. huahahahha.. hepi2

i dont care when ppl say he's top 5 playboy!.. i want to minat jugak!!.. huahaha...
i'm getting bored talking about this... hmm what else?... other topic not interesting lah!

theres this form1 who keep on bagi salam to me.. huahahah.. very tall!... well he used to bagi salam.. not anymore leh...

well thats about it for now... xde mood la nk tulis post kat cni.. takut ade org baca dong~
12 more days to go home!!!!
go go go
ole ole ole
here we go
ole ole ole!

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