Saturday, March 21, 2009 @ 2:26 PM  0 stares
i dont know!!
there soo much homework

well the theres very MUCH of add math to be done...
others i can finish no problem!

just think .. from saturday to wednesday i go to kl
and then we walk around all day.. by the time we get back to the hotel its already midnight
and our energy is all used up already.. how am i suppose to work on my homework

so all theres left is wednesday - friday to finish my homework
no way right?

  • add math - chapter 2 from analysis book
  • -chapter 2 from success book
  • -chapter 2 from text book
  • mat mode - page 46 - 56 text book
  • pjk - presentation konflik
  • chemistry - exam paper
  • bio - 1 sets of hand out
  • pai - note
  • english - journal
  • akaun - work book
  • physic - very thick handout
  • chemistry - project summarry
i manage to finish these in 3 days
  • pjk
  • pai
  • english
  • math mode
  • and half of add math chapter 2 from analysis book
  • chemistry - project summarry
huhu less than 1/2... if only i have 3 more days~!!

okay i know and i'm sure theres alot of people have alot more homework than this..
but right now i think no one is more scared than i am.. the VERY MUCH add math homework is due tomorrow before 7:40 am.. and the teacher is really EHEM..

maybe i'll die.. maybe i'll live..

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want to stay home!!!!!!!!!!!

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