Monday, May 11, 2009 @ 8:36 AM  1 stares
gos how my perfumes smells soo strong..

nevermind about that.. today and yesterday my roomate annoyed me again

who else but your turly lily... she turn off my alarm clock.. yesterday i didnt mind.. but she's doing it for 2 days in a row.. maybe she is the one who doesnt want to wake up but i really want to try and make it to subuh prayers... i dont want to sodom anymore (solat dalam dorm)

i woke up at 6:15 which is the exact time we have to be at the surau

syamimi if you're reading this ......ada pesanan

"comey la rambut awk!!.. mcm anak patung... kwn sy kato awk comeyy~~"

huhu suko la tu.. ini x adil!!!

ok la .. minggu depan exam.. lily yg dibenci sudah panggil.. 3 minggu lagi nk balik..wait for me!!

kem bio .. nk pegi ke tak??.. mane satu the road not taken?
publish and go~