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God how i love hana yori dango korean verison
in the beginning you could say i was a skeptic... haha
i didnt like hana yori dango korea at first .. i keep on comparing it to the japanese version but at some point i accidently gave it a fair chance where i suddenly fell inlove with the drama
and at some point i fell it love with its soundtrack too!

[OST] Boys Over Flowers OST (KBS TV Series)

Release Date: January 22, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Instrumental/Pop/Ballad
Artist: Various
Number of Tracks: 13

Track Listing
1.T-Max - Paradise (파라다이스)
2.SS501 - My Thoughts Are Bad (내 머리가 나빠서)
3.Someday - Do You Know (알고있나요)
4.SHINee - Stand By Me
5.Ashily - Lucky
6.Kim Yoo Kyung - Starlight Tears (별빛눈물)
7.Suh Ji Young (서진영) - A Little (조금은)
8.Tree Bicycles (나무자전거) - One More Time
9.Lee Jung Sik (이정식) - I Know (Ins.)
10.Dance with Me (Inst.)
11.Blue Flower (Inst.)
12.So Sad (Inst.)
13.T-Max - Opening Title (Intro)

ok let me just go briefly what i like in the korean version

goo jun pyo.. he is somehow perverted! hahaha.. x bleh blah!!
geum jan di...she's...umm..uh.... ok i guess.. her eyes is quite round
hanazawa rui!.. i mean ji hoo...he is sooo cute.. his smile is like mike he + wu chun + lee jae jin
kim bum.. whats his name in there again?.. he's eyes is soo wide!! soo cute!
the last one... no comment!
ga eul... jan dis best fren.. nomu yepuh! she's pretty
douyouji.. opps..jun pyo's sister is prettier in here too
shizuka... whats her name.. that ji hoo sunbae likes?.. she's pretty too
the parents - crazy
the little brother... i noticed he likes to shut the door when jun pyo comes to their house

i like how the whole drama didnt use the word "oppa"... instead they use "sunbae".. i dont know whats the diffrence but i prefer "sunbae" over "oppa"... the word "oppa" never amuse me

i also love the phone that they use.. ANYCALL HAPTIC!
i want one!!!.. but its not logic that every one in the drama use that exact same phonegod my

ok my eye is one side open one side close
i should rest now... its 7:30 am and i'm going to kl tomorrow.. i mean today .. i mean in a few hours

i'll be back this sunday .. maybe..hahaha.. hopefully

okay thats all for now.. bye bye.. til sunday!

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