Monday, June 1, 2009 @ 9:39 PM  1 stares
tomoshi lukashikari tokitoka desu~!

thats my fake japanese name i got from taz blog.. you should try even though the japanese name is obviously fake.. haha..

talking about cute.. look at my new blog layout... not that i'm claiming its cute.. well its kinda cute dont you think? .. i actually have the guts to praise it because i'm not the one who made it..

along with the cute layout.. i changed the song as well.. sad promise by davichi.. i love their vocals! i love this song.. well i love all of their songs even though they are kinda boring ..

which reminds me.. i wanted to talk about songs right?.. well here it goes...

when i got back home last 28 may.. i heard a bunch of songs that i got addicted to.. 1st it was Womans generation and forever love by seeya, davichi and t-ara the sountrack for a possibly great drama cinderella man.."hwajang ha jo, morirul jarugo, motji yojaro, teonal kooya"

okay enough singing.. after that i downloaded a few songs such as kat-tun rescue , shinee juliette, and super junior its you.. (with the music video) but it just doesnt stick.. i dont like them..shinee is trying too hard .. kattun i think they're doing the same thing over and over again and suju, that group has too many members for god's sake!

i watched hana yori dango korea or kotoba namja.. i listened to making a lover by ss501.. that songs sound soo sweet... seasunge shorijirol i love you nasaranghandago..nunbusyeo always you're my star.. i can always be waiting for you...

after that .. or should i say after school.. next is after school's remake of morning musume love machine tittle dream girl.. i love the remake better than the original version.. maybe the original seem soo yesterday.. (soo yesterday- so yesterday- i'm just a bird thats alread flewn away) the remake version reminds me of the game audition.. the song has many techno sound... i like it!! ..

i heard a few other songs but i just could make myself to like them... until i heard the remix of snsd gee.. also known as ... valengee - boa vs snsd.. you MUST listen to this..

this make me listen to the orginal version of boa's song ... the real tittle is Valenti.. i love the way boa dance... aside from the korean version theres also a japanese version.. and english version..

i also listen to other masa remixes.. like irripoi totura (morning musume vs shakira)... 10/10 love(2pm vs hilary duff).. and 23 songs in 1 2009 remix.. but just for the sake of listening.. i didnt download any other than valengee...

oh yeah i almost forgot.. at some point i listen to davichi sad promise and also taylor swift - you belong with me .. i love their voices..although taylor swift voice sometimes annoys me.. but her songs is somehow catchy..

and right now i'm listenning to.... whine ah (after school vs kat deluna)another masamixes..and also little turtle by nicholas teo.. wo ai ni~ meiyi tian

maybe tomorrow i'll write about my favourite all time drama! such as smile pasta .. green forest my home and yadi yadi yada.. wait for it~