Saturday, July 18, 2009 @ 1:56 AM  1 stares
even though i'm really sad that i have to go tomorrow.. but i have to keep a positive mind.. i;ve decided to do something diffrent for today's post.. because i'm really tired to write long posts

Facts About Yours Truly..Me!
  • really tired right now.. i can actually feel my brain is exaushted
  • gain 1 kg and loose 1 kg the next
  • going back to mrsm tomorrow.. (NO!!!!)
  • wearing new blouse to celebrate my last night of freedom(berdasarkan gambar diatas)
  • miss my best friend soo much (dah kali ke 3 ckp camni)
  • want to get 4 flat in semester 2! (selaras pon 4 flat gak)
  • nk tgk citer romantic princess lagi!
  • really crazy about 4 minutes song - hot issue
  • addicted to epik high song - love love love
  • going to sleep now... bye bye..
my next post maybe will be at school or maybe during next school holidays....

ape2 pon
dont forget to remember me