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inoo kei!! i love inoo kei so much by now you dont know how much i love him

its a good thing that theres not as "dose" of him as yamada or yuto .. if there is my love for him will overload!!

i downloaded a few paparazzi pictures.. when i think of it, i find paparazzi pictures a invading one's privacy but on the other hand it really brightens somebody's day! ^____^ ♥

(mcm tie skola teknik kan?)

so the ones that i downloaded.. no biggy .. but i actually printed.. no one.. not two but 5 of his picture.. i figure i'll miss him when i go back to school tomorrow so i printed.. plus my printer for the first time in my 16 year old life .. it has colour ink!! so it must be fate.. hahah (fate kepala otak!)

talking about fate.. i finished a drama about fate..

a drama based on a famous phone-novel in japan.. i would like to read this phone novel..

its a story about 2 people .. have the same birthday.. and met when they were 8... it turns out that they are in the same school and became friends.. and then the guy finds out the girl was the girl he met when he was 8 and then he confessed and they went out.. after this and that happens..

i love this drama soo much that i dont want to write about it..i would just ruin the story

in the end..
taka-chan died.. sara goes to university.. yuri and natsu have a baby together.. mitsu works as a packaging/delivery boy .. something to do with boxes.. mia works at a hair saloon and mei and akun together!

its a good drama.. in the end not many people die.. and everyone is in good term with each other.. really nice!! really sweet!! i cried twice.. but not as much as crying when i watch ichi rittoru no namida or 1 litre of tears..but i still hold a grudge against my friend who told me the spoilers for this drama that i already know mei is adopted from the begining of the drama..that causes my tears to not flow like its supposed to

i also like the piano version of 366 day

the end.. fyi its one of my favourite drama now..

after watching that drama there are a few things that i want
♥the pink bear sara gave to mei
♥original pocky.. the 1st time i bought it was rocky.. the 2nd time it's pocky but thailand version
♥the drama dvd.. even though i've downloaded the whole drama.. silly right?

[so much to write.. soo little time]

talking about dramas.. i'm currently watching Witch Yoo Hee.. AGAIN..

the 1st time i saw witch yoo hee was last year or the year before that .. i watch because of the senpai.. i mean senior.. joo ha sunbae..but it turns out he's the evil one in the drama so i stopped watching.

but then i got bored so i decided to give witch yoo hee another try..
heres what i can conclude so far

♫ All of the episodes are fun!!.. no matter what episode if you give it a chance and watch the full ep.. its really funny.. no one died.. no adopted person.. no one has cancer ..and no one has only 3 months to live

♫ Yoo hee's clothes (after she transformed) .. are really cute!!

(click on the pictures for a better view.. but kinda blurry..)

♫ You have 3 eye candy as a treat... the chef...the senior .. and the hero.. although they may seem not so handsome in the begining, as the storyline continues they'll grow handsome-er

♫ First love... you dont get that alot in dramas... its actually about a girl who doesnt have a boyfriend before.. and that i can relate!

♫ Ugly duckling into Pretty Swan... i love this kind of story..

♫ The love story is kinda sweet too.. heres one i've never watched before in other dramas

("i love you" note in popcorn.. you have to admit its kinda cute)

or maybe its already in other dramas that i havent watch i dont care..its sweet dont you think

also time meaning.. when you see the clock on11:11 that means someone is thinking about you.. and 4:44 means someone is talking bad about you

i've seen 11:11 once.. when i transfer school from kelantan to perlis.. maybe my gewe (best fren) was thinking about me! ♥♥♥

but i've never seen 4:44 .. thats good.. haha

for your info.. that is in ep 8... watch watch watch!.. haha
can i finish all 16 ep before this evening? ... i'm currently on ep 9 so 7 more ep to go.. can i manage?? (because i have to go back to school already)

talking about school .. i've already printed my chemistry homework and a list of websites that i can use to unblock blocked websites at school.. maybe not unblocked but just view the blocked website such as blogger, youtube,myspace(even though i dont care about myspace)

thats why everytime i go back to school theres no more my blog post from school..

but that will be over soon! ☺muahahaha

talking about blog post.. i've mention in my past blog post that i went to penang and then my birthday and the 1st day of puasa

well here is the story.. just in case i want to remember later on
or maybe i'll lose my memory (like sara in akai ito), i'm able to read about my trip to penang..

so my trip to penang ..
it was the 1st time i wear white tudung to go somewhere.. i only wear white tudung when i go to school but at the time i couldnt find my usual black tudung.. so white tudung will do.. oh wait.. i wore white tudung for last year's raya.. oh well ..who cares right?

how do i look in white tudung??

1st before we cross the bridge, we went to the penang before the bridge (god my english is bad!)
there i saw marhaban astro.. or something like that

i saw yazer af, edlin af, farah af, akma af.. pengacara x sedar diri his name is "something alam"..and then a few people i dont know.. all they did was yelling and yelling.. i dont know what was the point of the whole thing.. and it was on the 1st day of puasa too.. x senonoh btol

after that we went over the bridge.. using mom release a paper boat.. and it floats!

then we bukak puasa at nandos.. and saw a really huge tree.. and i'm writing this because the tree was really huge.. in the middle of the shopping complex place..

so the next day was the day before my birthday.. we went shopping.. my mom bought me paris hilton bag! i hate paris hilton but her bag line is really cute.. my mom picked 3 bags and ask me to choose one.. i choose the not so big not so small bag ..

i'm keeping that until raya.. besides my white bag is still in a good condition

talking about raya.. i havent bought my raya shoes yet at the time.. so my mom ask us (my little sister and i) to look at which ever shoes we like.. i was crazy with dollie shoes (the shoes that looks like the shoes a doll would wear).. but then most of the dollie shoes are not in my size.. but then i finally found one with my size

but then this shoes was not in sale.. but my pretty and loving and really understanding mother bought it for me anyway! hahah .. i love my mother 100000000000000trillion times than i did before!

as for my little sister, she didnt wasnt interested in any of the zillion shoes they sell.. she was determined to have a micheal jackson's golden pants shoes... haha .. what i means is she wants a really shiny shiny shoes that the colour looks like mj's golden pants

and we go there and go here.. after that we went home!
before that we bukak puasa again at kuala perlis..
no need to remember the bad dining experience we had there..
but the thing i need to remember : i ate everything! hahaha

and thats the end of our trip to penang!

i think i wrote too much! haha but i still want to write some more!

maybe this post is a little too long i should make another post ne~

well my next post is going to be about inoo kei again!

haha and also other hsj member.. matter yo.. might be another hour till i finish it..
jaaa ne~!

thank you for reading my long post!
i know you're eyes might be hurt by now..
arigato from the bottom of my heart!♥

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