Thursday, August 27, 2009 @ 5:48 PM  0 stares
guess what?? i've break my own sleeping records.. haha

today i didnt sleep at all from night to sahur to zohor.. and then when i thought i was going to rest for a few minutes it turns to be 'rest' for four hours.. haha..but i'm amazed that i can do that

but i got a little crazy.. when my mom ask me to do something i kind of snapped (i do that all the time).. at some point i was really hyper and talking non-sense..something like a drunk person..and last but not least time flew so quickly..

but i'm trying to figure out, how exactly did i manage to do that when i couldn't even stay awake in class?

another record.. i notice my last2 post was was start posted at 3:00 am..thats kinda cool..
(oi nina!..on what planet is that cool?)

it looks like the side effect for "not sleeping when you're supposed to sleep" product not wearing off just yet.. i better do my chores now..

bye bye