Tuesday, August 25, 2009 @ 3:00 AM  2 stares
Lets take a break~

nichkhun is sooo cutee!!

it turns out that he half chinese half thai
and somehow end up in korea.. haha

his english is also very good..

here's the prove

when another 2pm member sing this song.. tae yang or something, his english is no where near nichkun..

btw .. dont you think he's name is weird.. nichkun.. khunnie..

he's something different
but still not that good looking..
what exactly of his attracts attention?
who knows.. maybe his "cute aura".. haha

its has been a while since i last post something random like this..
this is fun..
i'll keep it up!

note to self : need to learn how to say "gambateh " in thai

about penang... maybe later..

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