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so i went to penang.. again..

breakfast was lunch.. haha..
we eat rice and meat and chicken..
i also eat tokua and tempe for the sake of my skin

on the way.. we met a rude old lady.. she took our parking spot
i was thinking of giving her a piece of my mind
but my mom did that before i could gather up my courage

after that we continued our journey to penang
once we arrive.. check in time!
the worker was typing really fast..

shopping time!! we went to queens bay
and eat nandos..
i bought a book entittled "how to think mathematics like a genius"
i bought a frame for my dad who got first place in gurka!
my mom bought jewelry.. pretty pretty

oh yeah almost forgot ..we went to etude house~!

the cosmetics line that lee min ho endorse
haha i had no idea that he is the endorser ..
i just could get the cloud facial wash out of my mind
but then.. it was sold out

but still i bought a facial wash anyway..
so far so good.. no negative effect yet
i also bought a compact powder and mask!

i alo got a lee min ho clear file! yay! (even though i dont like him that much)

2nd day .. today.. my mom bring back nasi lemak from the hotel's breakfast
after tat we went to perangin mall?.. my mom bought a laptop
theres alot of pretty clothes.. but i have no money
too LAZY to presuade my mom to buy for me
i got new shoes .. RM12 .. well because the shoes i wore broke..

we eat at A&W..
i was waving to my mom.. but apparently there was a waiter infront of her
i think the waiter thought i was waving to him
the waiter was looking at me non stop.. aiyoyo..
he's not even handsome... adohaiiiii
my mom asked me to ask for plastic... so i go ask a waitress..
but then. the waitress ask the perasan waiter to give to me
his face was................... adoiiiiiiii!!!!

before i forgot.. you know how indon also make remakes of taiwan/ jap dramas
like hana kimi.. the indon version is olivia..

well they also have indon version of devil beside you.. pangeran penggoda..
the hero not that handsome. the heroin kinda cute.. the little brother (ah rang) is cutteee!.. the grandmother and the parents have same character!... the flaw of the drama was only the hero..

well thats all for now.. i have a upsetting story but if i write my mind will be preoccupied with it.. plus i have to go to school tomorrow.. it wouldnt be suprising if i decide to transfer school next year

also theres only 4 more week to go.. 2 weeks of study and 2 week of final exam
its going to be a hectic final month..
also .. i havent memorize my hafazan yet!
waaaaa dou suru?? ottokae? aizz

xpe la.. tido lu.. pikir kemudian.. bye bye

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