Thursday, November 26, 2009 @ 1:54 AM  0 stares


who's birthday is it??

No..not my boyfriend nichkhun.. i dont even know when his birthday is

its my ..Blog's brithday!!
well 21 days ago, it was the anniversary for my 1st blog post in blogger!

i have posted a total of 88 post (89 if you count this one) for the past 1 year and 21 days!

my blog had gone through alot with me for the past year

its my key to self confidence, happiness and help me keep my calmness

it is always there for me to listen to my playlist of songs and interest that everyone else would think its pointless and boring and easily get fed up with

it doesnt mind me posting pictures of myself that i take by myself.. hahaha

its my personal MASTERPIECE! huahahaha

so for all my blog readers = -10
thnx for reading my boring blog!
i love all -10 of you !