Tuesday, December 15, 2009 @ 2:50 AM  0 stares
I have found my true love

why didnt i realize it before?... my true love had always been right infront of me
(and sorry nichkhun.. you're not first on the list this time...)
My lovely parents!

they tried soo hard with all their might to raise all 5 of us..well 7 if you count my 2 cats

i found out something that made me realize some of the things they did, they didnt involve the 5 of us just because it world probably bring down our moods..well when i found out, i was very devastated.. but then it made me appreciate them alot more then i did before

my dad is a great listener.. he's the one you look for when you want someone to listen without judging what you say .. he's great with computer and a great secret keeper!

as for my mom.. she knows everything about everything.. she can do anything.. if she cant' , she'll try... she knows how to make you feel better.. and even though someone has acted badly, she still wont hold grudges

aside from that.. my parents are very supporting unlike some other parents..

  • when i like the guy from my old school..(makmal) ...they spied on him for me and fill me in on the details.. haha.. no other parents are as supportive as they are
  • when the 5 of us watch something, they tag along and really get into the show with us
  • they are more updated on the latest malay /indon / songs than i am .. (well i only listen to japan and korea)
  • they come to my school every week... and bring food.. hahah

the have done countless things for me..

if i were to use the all the water in the world as ink , the sky,the land, and the entire solar system as my paper, i still wont have enough space and ink to write it down...

so with sugar and spice and everything nice, you get my parents instead of the powerpuffgirls .. but its better that way.. i dont know what will i do with 3 flying puppets ..

well thats about it.. i have something to say so i'll make another post to dedicate this post especially to my parents!

thank you mama & papa ...i love you!!.. saranghaeyo~!!.. aishiteru... wo ai ni men!!