Friday, December 25, 2009 @ 8:04 AM  0 stares
Long time no post... long time no see.. long time no chat

as you can see... all of the statement above is.. False.. theoretically and grammatically..

haha.. what on earth am i talking about?..

i feel like i havent posted for so long when its has only been 3 days..
you see i run a cafe and i have a new pet... in FACEBOOK!

i'm not addicted to it.. i just want to take care of my cafe and my pet carefully

my cafe name is pucca hutt..level 8 and my pet name is Rika piyon... level 4 she's very cute! my whole family knows her.. my mom said she has "matahari" lashes... i'll upload a picture of her later...

other than that i watched stardust!!! .. THE BEST MOVIE EVER!.. well not really but the story is good... the star was soo pretty... the guy wasnt so handsome..

talking abut un-perfect but still cute match... have you watch seoul song video... suju and snsd... super generation! haha..

the song is nice...
when i watch the video :

  1. Sooyoung's body... is nothing like mine!!.. i want to be her!!
  2. i love jessica yellow hair.. looks something like japanese ghotic lolita kind of hair
  3. seohyun and kyunhyun part is soooo cutee!!!.. the backwards head.. waaa i want something like that!
  4. shindong and sunny's story are cute too!
  5. shidong dance to genie?
  6. donghae dance to sorry sorry?
  7. yoona is not there!!!!!!! YAY !! THE BEST SNSD VIDEO EVER!
and thats about it.. theres alot more i want to write but i have to go now... penang here i come!! again! hahaha.. bye by3...