Tuesday, December 29, 2009 @ 4:15 AM  0 stares


xdop jodoh la kito... awk gi jale, sy duk rumoh... sy gi jale, awk duk rumoh..ni awk gi langkawi, nanti awk balik sy gi doh... huhu taun depe plop kito chat nampoknyo....
Hepi new year la deh!

hmmm... what did i want to say just now? .. oh yeah... where is all of my friends? waaa.. no one is online... theres just an "angel" from my school at my ym ..when i was just joking, he took it too seriously.. aiyoyo.. theres another one.. she's younger than i am.. when she chat with me, i feel like she doesnt really want to chat with me.. when infact she was the one who buzzed me first... adoii...she gives me a headache..

lets get back to the point shall we?
I've found it!!!!!
i found it!! i found it!! i found it!! i found it!!
god i found it!.. yes i found it.. i looked for it with the least hope, and i found it!!

huh..huhh... inhale~!....exhale~~!.. haaaah...

ME!! as in NINA!!

how i love facebook! but i didnt add ehemm... it will seem too obvious wouldn't it?
i cannot believe this!!! i actually found it!!
i'm so happy!!!!

i dont think i can sleep to night!!

well i guess i better go to bed now...
haha.. want to know what i found?
you chat with me to find out! hahah