Tuesday, December 22, 2009 @ 4:55 AM  0 stares

haha.. i just got back from ipoh..
well not just now but on 10 o'clock sunday...

i want to update about my trip to ipoh but my sister wont upload the pictures ..
so it'll have to wait

On Monday (today) .. i finished all of my easy homework....
which means i still have to finish the not so easy ones

what i have finished :
  1. BM - karangan (printed) and folio julia
  2. BI - 10 essay (find meaning)
  3. Career folio - dermatology
  4. PAI - tokoh islam tingkatan 5 ( slide show) (burned onto a cd)
as for what i have to finish :
  1. addmath - buku analisis forecast question sem 2 ( bab 4,5,6,7,8? )
  2. chemistry handout
the list seems soo short when the fact is, the work is jigoku daa...

as for the fun stuff i did at home today :

  1. downloaded c-ute edo temari no uta ii
  2. downloaded c-ute shock pv *~*new release*~* (@ aipop.cl)
  3. downloaded no3b kisu no ryuusei *~*kind of new*~* (@ aipop.cl)
  4. downloading Coin locker monogatari subbed by mistral fan sub
the c-ute pv i downloaded is 2 different thing...for the single edo temari no uta, they all have equal lines... as for their single shock.. it was a shock all right... airi got all of the solo lines... but i cant complain that much.. since umeda erika left the group and miami got a pretty ugly hair cut, airi is the only one i want to see anyway.. haha..

after that , i came across akb48 very own sub group no3b with their song kisu no ryuusei !.. i like the video.. more mature than their video tane ..

as for preparations for school, i bought my uniform in kelantan last raya, my shoes i bought at kl .. its really nice!.. and all that left to buy is a new pencil box, a bag, a pair of dollie shoes

i'll talk about kl and ipoh later...i'm too tired today... byebye

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