Tuesday, December 15, 2009 @ 6:09 AM  0 stares
well..i guess this is goodbye...

dont worry.. i'm NOT quitting blogging... i'm just going to kl..

maybe we will stop at ipoh first if we get tired on the way to kl.. the next day is the day my sister go on an interview... and the few more days after that is the day we enjoy!!

i packed my clothes for 5 days so i will be back by sunday? monday? .. not sure..count will ya?

but a few things for sure...
  1. my facebook fish will die
  2. my cafe will be un-managed
  3. my homework will be on hold! ( i dont really care about this)
and thats about it.. if i have time i'll try to post tomorrow.. well sayonara

namida kun sayonara...
sayonara namida kun...
matta auuhii maade~

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