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on...4th december 2009.. syamimi, mizah and i went to kbmall..

while waiting for syamimi.. i talk and talk with mizah.. fuhh..
its been a long time since we met so i ran out of topic to talk about

luckily.. syamimi came to the rescue!!

i love syamimi's t-shirt... really cute.. i couldnt find ones like that .. huhu

1st we went bowling

saksikan rancangan bowling bersama pengacara, mizah!!

syamimi.. bowling with style


mizah checking out shoes at the back!


charlie's angel?
totally spies?
the powerpuff girls?

totally Creampuff angels ~!

sooo cuteeee!!

Duta lovely lace! hahah

the princess and the frog..haha

and then we went to secret recipe... i wanted to buy cake but too many people
we also went to a&w i get to eat curly fries and root beer! yay!

and thats about it..

as for things that happened today

i got my result..
I got 3.06
and didn't fail!! yay!!
1 got 3A!!
and didnt fail!!

my overall pointer is not 3 point and above yet..
i'm aiming for.. 4 flat both of the semester next 2 upcoming semester and graduate in 1st class!!
yosh!! gambare!!!

hey! its my blog.. i can write anything what i want!!

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