Monday, February 15, 2010 @ 4:09 AM  0 stares
daydreaming,eating, listening to music, downloading music, watching videos, watching tv and talking..

whats that?? ( a hat!.. crazy funky junky hat!..haha)
nope not a hat... just my activities for the past 4 days and as a result, i have a tonnes of homework waiting for me.. aiyoyo... and i also i planned to look back on what i missed out, turns out i'm 2 steps back...

the last 4 days were such a waste!.. i need to manage my time better!

but the one thing i like the most about this holiday is.........i get to chat with my best friend!!
we talked about A ... and I and somehow got to S...hahaha it was crazy! i missed talking stuff like that... i dont get to talk about that kind of stuff with my new friends...

talking about new friends.. its a birthday of one of my friend today.. 14th dec... so its valentines day, chinese new year and birthday for her.. but unfortunately my phone's network had some problems.. so i cannot wish! or contact any other friends of mine

so anyway, i started on my homework a few hours ago... i manage to finis history and chemistry's peka...

undone? : biology (cny angpow)... chemistry (buku ruj. kat skola).... add mat analisis... bnyk sgt laa..

my head is filled with infinished homework!! ottokae?? i'm not even in the mood to write a decent blogpost!.. waaaaaa... i cant to transfer back to my old school!! x tahan!! help me!!