Saturday, March 20, 2010 @ 6:34 AM  0 stares
obviously i still havent gotten over snsd's run devil run..

taeyon = wow .. yuri = woah.. sunny = prettier than always.. and yoona = err..
kesha's version of the song is nice too.. haha.. sort of funny..

talking about devil's that have to run i seem to be one of them..

i have to run away from the teachers at my school
that will ask for their homeworks to be send in this sunday.. and that will ask about my marks on their subject and how did it get that way
i have to run away from a friend of mine
that will ask me about the book she asked me to buy.. which i didnt.. haha.. on purpose..

i have to run away from my own guilt
which i got from breaking my own laptop
breaking my own mp3

and breaking my mother's previous laptop
+ using my handphone's internet connection until the line got barred

and last but not least
i am forced to go away from my beloved place i call home
well duhh... i have to go back to school which mean no more civilization for another month more torture and cruelty towards the weak (me) no mp3 to accompany me!!

and thats about it.. the real reason i'm posting is...

to announce that : i finally wear a shawl to go out!!

i think i look prettier in normal tudung but a shawl is OK too

also i want to show off a new member of my family


for more pictures.. (of me or papa junior) go to my facebook page

and a message to syamimi :

comey laa gambar awk hop nih.. Sweet jah

haha okeh.. see you next month!...
i have to continue my AMAZING journey through Homework Wonderland
join me if you dare~

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