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i feel like i have nothing to do when theres so much to do.. waaaahhh

its the 4th day of holiday and i still haven't started on my homework and studies.. aiyoh

today it the ultimate lazy day...eat, lay around, eat, lay around somemore, eat, cook, eat, sleep, eat.. that is seriously what i did..

well yesterday was also a "watsoever" day

hello..is this camera working?

the highlight for yesterday was .. we went out for dinner at brasmana hotel, got a terrible headache because of the super salty food, and messaged with "Afiq"..

this time is not afiq my cousin.. not afiq my girl-friend either.. its a boy..
haha no lah!.. just an impersonator..
my roomate (girl) pretended to be afiq and text me like crazy..

who's afiq?.. thats for me to know and you to find out..
i dont want to waste my blog space talking about afiq.. =.=

anyway back to ME!.. after our dinner at brasmana... i had a photoshoot!!
believe it or not.. thats how bored i was!

Don't judge a shirt by its flowers...you might just look good in them

Close up...

I feel like i've taken this picture before

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's taking her own picture?

adik!! wats up with you?.. skali lagi skali lagi!

Picture Perfect Moment!!!

ada gaya x jadi model untuk dara.com?? .. haha..

i'm really crazy after reading blogs that post their experience as dara.com model..
their make up and clothes are sponsored and they get to post their picture in the magazine in their blog.. i'm soo jealous of them!! ..maybe i'll try my luck after spm .. :P (mcm la dpt)



Learn something from the song above..
who know better from your past experience taking pmr and upsr..
do you want upsr to replay itself?.. do you want to feel that way again?
or do you want to feel the glory of pmr.. think nina think!

right now.. just concentrate on your homework!!
you're going to get to take a lot of pretty(?) pictures during your vacation next week.. enough daydreaming and start your work so you can enjoy your vacation!!!.....

Homework STARTO!!
for real this time!!


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