Saturday, June 12, 2010 @ 7:13 AM  0 stares
now i finally realized that ..... long blog post are BORING! .. haha

Last night i read my old blog at livejournal.. it was fun going down memory lane but....
i'm telling you, its too long...

same goes for my past posts here... i have no idea how on earth did i manage to write soo long without straining my eyes..

anyway.. what did i want to say again?...

my result arrived yesterday... and it is not a convincing sign for someone who's taking spm in a few months.. very very few months

my parents looked... upset... but they keep on saying "its okay.. you only have to repeat..... and try harder" yadi yadi yada

i was really sad..devastated even.. i started my day with stuffing my mouth with not so delicious rice and played audition to channel out my anger.. and sleep the whole day through..seriously i was a trainwreck ..........................ok i AM a trainwreck.. is that good enough for ya?

wahh this post is really emo..

in a nutshell, i'm going to penang or somewhere i dont know today... or maybe tomorrow... seeya... hopefully i wont be so emo when i get back on friday..

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