Saturday, June 5, 2010 @ 3:29 AM  0 stares

a friend in need is a friend indeed...

a flower is a flower, that stays for an hour
but a friendship has the power that can stay forever

God.. how i miss my friends at zainab 1... maybe they have new friends who are perhaps better than i am at being a friend but to me they are the best forever

and the picture above may not be our best picture but its a picture filled with happy moments! haha.. we played bowling and keep on getting into the longkang.. aiyaah

my friendship at my current school?? not so good...i dont even want to write about it!..

by the way...

Dear Syamimi..

when on earth are you going to come online??

(sings 2pm song tired of waiting)
dont tell me you're studying... i havent started yet!!
dont leave me!!

Yours Truly,
awek budak siam~