Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 2:35 AM  0 stares
Warning !! : another obvious to do list coming onto your screen!! ..

  • homework... a box full of homework
  • practicing my tajwid and memorizing a bunch of ayat hafazan
  • preparing for my spm
  • reading the newspaper for the latest news

instead of ..

  • online-ing at ym when no one is one
  • online-ing at fb when theres obviously nothing to do there
  • surfing the same blog over and over again when the blogger obviously wont be updating soon
  • loading hi my sweet heart and not watching it and having to load it all over again
seriously .. i have wasted 2 days of holiday with the crap above....
i want to get away

on the bright saturday i will be going on a trip all over malaysia!
haha not all over but to kl,perak and so on!

(which happens to look like nothing in the picture above)

which means i have to finish my homework within this week .. and pronto so i can enjoy the nothing online life has to offer me...
in other words so that i can blog my heart out about useless things i used to

talking about doing useless things..
i was just blog surfing and came across a few malaysian magazine models

i dont mean the models in magazines like mangga.. wat malu je diorg tu..
duk tepi kolam and so on.. aih geliw..

i talking about the models for magazine such as dara and so on.. models that wear tudung and so on..they are soooooo pretty...they know how to mix and match and make something horrible look good.. they make siti nurhaliza look as one of them..

when i tried to add them in fb.. this came out

"sorry.. this user has too many friends"

boleh plak camtu eh?... will that day ever come when you try add me as friend at facebook?.. we'll just wait and see

but dont you think its crazy... they are just models
but their facebook is as popluar as liyana jasmay's fb...

i tried adding liyana jasmay because i say her profile picture with super long legs ..(above)

i'm a little crazy with leg but that doesnt matter...what i'm saying that the same notification shows up.. how i envy them

also some of them are currently doing medic and so on..

which means they're Beautiful and Intelligent!

jealousy overload!!
(beware : green eyed monster might emerge on your screen)

thats all for now.. i should start my homework..
so that i can enjoy next week and at the same time be smart and beautiful like them
hey! this is my blog : i'm allowed to praise myself!